To load film press down on side button (1). Open camera back (2). Flip handle up (3). Pull winder up and insert film.

Place 35mm film in camera. Push winder down. Pull end of film to right side.

Close back of camera and wind film forward (1) to advance to first frame. Press button (2) to take picture. Wind film forward to advance to next frame.

To put it in the water, use the casing. The casing is waterproof, it is advisable not to submerge it as water could enter. In case some drops enter neither the camera nor the film will be affected.

Make sure the rubber seal is free from any dirt or debris in order to from waterproof seal around the camera. Close back cover of waterproof casing.

To rewind film remove the camera from waterproof casing. Push in button located on bottom of camera.

Pull winder up. Wind film in clockwise direction as indicated by arrow. When counter is back to start (S) you can remove the film.

1-The best distance for focusing is at least 1.2 meters. 2-If the rewinder does not rotate when the film is passed, the film is not passing. 3-Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. 4-Sea water can be corrosive to the casing.